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Prove against evolution.

Man is for a considerable part the product of his upbringing, or of the absence thereof. In this world, alienated from God, masses of children are programmed from their early years with “knowledge“ that looks like science but is nothing but deceit. As a result, they make a false start in life and are stuck with a distorted picture of what science actually is. Science is only concerned with what can be proven or has already been proven, so with facts. Theories are therefore only theories as long as they are not proven. Working with theories is not wrong (and even necessary if you want to be able to prove them), but as soon as unproven theories are hypocritically presented as proven facts, we no longer have anything to do with science but with a worldwide, terribly ordinary fraud! That is a deception that has no trouble firing scientists who have found evidence to expose this deception. And a deception that more than once makes these found evidence disappear without a trace. Again: this corrupt behavior has absolutely nothing to do with science.
For whom, as a result of this morbid “we don't want to know“ mentality, from the time of his childhood has been brainwashed with the madness of these wicked atheists/corrupt biologists/paleontologists/fake scientists and more cheaters like this, I have collected a number of video clips in which facts are shown. Facts that show that what is being teached in this world as “proven science“ is just ordinary deception. And of course I am referring to the unimaginably stupid evolution theory. A theory with which the aforementioned fraudsters want to represent black as white and white as black. Masses of people have already lost their faith in the Creator as a result of this lie campaign. Those who have silenced their conscience are guilty of crime in God's eyes. A crime that Jesus said that whoever was guilty of this it would be better for him to be thrown into the deep ocean with a millstone around the guilty neck. And by the time I wrote this page, I got the privilege of being able to take a closer look at such a millstone, which I found in an old windmill. My conclusion: such a big stone is huge and heavy indeed. A miller informed me that these stones weigh around 1500 kilograms in the flour mills of the last centuries. How heavy the millstones were in Jesus' days is unknown to me, but at least heavy enough to prevent an escape from that dark depth. People are generally not eager to be reminded of it, but one fact that no one can change is that God's wrath constantly focuses on all wickedness in this world.
The adherents and publishers of the never-proven and life-threatening evolutionary theory are therefore in the danger zone. That zone has only two exits: the largest of which is the gate to hell. The smallest is only found by those who are convinced in time by the truth that without the Creator nothing could have been created in the universe. However, anyone who willfully and knowingly deny this truth and thereby continue to oppose the fact that he is guilty towards his Creator is doomed to be taken through that great gate to eternal punishment. The punishment for his or her enmity toward the Creator. A punishment, because man naturally knows who the Creator, Who is intentionally being ignored. The Creator, who does not want man to be lost and therefore has given a way to escape. For those who still want to be convinced in time, I have listed a number of particularly interesting facts below in the form of video clips that speak for themselves. Nevertheless, I have added some comments myself.

Probably the aforementioned fraudsters themselves have also noticed that their vain foolishness about a mysterious “big bang“ and similar total nonsense claims are starting to lose their credibility. It used to be the “nothingness“ from which everything must have originated through a big bang, these days the attention is apparently shifted to the “ancient aliens“ who would have visited the earth once and apparently participated in the creation of our “civilization”. Or something similar.... In various documentaries attention is drawn to this on TV. But anyway, it is a ridiculous fairytale. And people only make fun of themselves.

These English-language video clips are (except for the first one) provided with Dutch subtitles, making them a lot more accessible to many. You can now bite your teeth into all this information, at least: insofar as you have not yet turned away from the theory of evolution. And if that is not the case, these videos will hopefully contribute to the fact that, one day, your eyes will be opened.

The deception of evolution theory is deeply and firmly anchored in the hypocritical heart of most people. And why? For the answer to this question, first listen to what Paul Washer has to say about it in this video clip. The facts are that people know very well that God exists and that they also know who He is, but they prefer to act as God themselves. With all the miserable consequences that entails. Keep this in mind when viewing and listening to the following video clips!
Duration of this video clip: 3 minutes and 21 seconds.
Those who belong to the older generation viewers of the Dutch christian broadcasting company (EO) may be able to remember the TV series “The Origin of the World”. A TV series that was broadcast by the EO in the early 1980s and in which the foolishness of evolutionary theory was made painfully visible. In the “Darwin year” (2009), the EO should have re-broadcast this series, but as far as I know, that has not happened. To repeat this series would in any case have benefited the Kingdom of God much more than the theological nonsense of these days. This has made clear to us that the EO of those days is now history. As well as, unfortunately, the intended TV series. Now the case is that I myself have once recorded an episode thereof. I came across that recording again in May 2009 in my archive and that quickly made me decide, now that the aforementioned EO is no longer a salting salt in this world, at least this episode of the TV series “The origin of the world“ may do some good.
Duration of this video: 22 minutes and 12 seconds.
The claim that the impressive limestone formations in many caves would take millions of years to become as big as they are today is completely undermined by other evidence. View these proofs and be convinced. Or.... pretend you know it all much better.
Duration of this video clip: 2 minutes and 20 seconds.
Artificially processed (including golden) objects are regularly found under or in layers of coal and/or lava that, according to the impostors of evolutionary theory, would be many millions of years old and thus were formed well before the origin of the thinking person.
However, the discovery of these objects, irrefutably made by humans, shows that there were people before all these layers of coal and lava were created. This overthrows the complete deception with which the evolutionists destroy the belief in our Creator among many. Because they cannot refute these facts, they more than once intimidate those who have made these finds or those who make these finds public. That goes as follows: “If you find something that goes against our theory, you will lose your job”. Such diabolical threats confirm once again that their corrupt jumble has nothing to do with science.
Duration of this video clip: 3 minutes and 17 seconds.
The discovery of petrified (intersecting or juxtaposed) traces of Dinosaurs and humans also gives evolutionists a spontaneous subsidence. With their claim that humans and dinosaurs did not live at the same time, these finds were dealt with harshly. In this excerpt, a striking example is cited of the way in which the impostors of evolutionary theory stubbornly refuse to look at the traces found, even when their nose is on it. And those are calling themselves “scientists”.!!
Duration of this video clip: 6 minutes and 22 seconds.
The flying dinosaurs who, according to the theory of evolution, must of course be extinct are still found alive and kicking. A number of eyewitnesses talk about this. Among others, a member of a Kenyan Olympic marathon team tells that these flying dinosaurs are seen and feared in his village because they love rotting human flesh and for that reason dig up human remains. Indians who live in the Amazon region are also afraid of these animals and do not even dare to come close to the river where these animals live.
Duration of this video clip: 3 minutes and 59 seconds.
No less impressive are the findings and eyewitness reports of monstrously large snakes in South America. Including a Boa with a diameter of 4.5 meters and a length of 40 meters. This monster left a trail behind through which an agricultural tractor could easily have driven. Shall we experience it one day that the documentary channels also show us these kinds of giants instead of those few snake hunters who already get lyrical when they find an little(!) snake of 6 meters of length? Or should we, stupid civilian men that we are, not be allowed to see such images because of the evolutionary prophets? For it would definitely expose their worldwide deception!
Duration of this video clip: 1 minute and 40 seconds.
Some examples of even more eyewitness reports, including that about an animal that looks remarkably similar to the Diplodocus (not to be confused with a Diplomat, although you sometimes wonder what the difference is), an animal that, according to the locals, isn't blessed with neither turns out to be of a sympathetic nature.
Duration of this video clip: 1 minute and 52 seconds.
A little calculation. If man (according to the theory of evolution) had indeed been living on earth for 3 million years, the world population would now have grown to such an extent that the earth would be totally unlivable due to overpopulation. That is not the case. Nevertheless, one Jacques Cousteau (indeed: the man in that diving suit) was of the opinion that we should eliminate 350,000 people a day to “stabilize the world population“ and save “Mother Earth“ from ruin. Former President Bill Clinton also has a statement on his conscience that reads approximately: “We must reduce the world's population to 1 billion.“ Well, if he wants to set a good example at least once in his lifetime, then he has to get rid of himself first... It's not nice to tell you, but there are many more of this kind of creeps walking around, with very obscure plans for the vast majority of the human race. You may guess three times: in which theory would all these criminals believe?
Duration of this video clip: 3 minutes and 13 seconds.
This dramatic story is about four boys, three of whom were killed by a sea monster. That will undoubtedly have been the type of animal biological “science“ does not even want to know that they still exist. Even if now and then carcasses of these impressive animals wash up and even if they are mentioned, the gentlemen and ladies of the evolution guild are still noticeably absent. Well, if you simply do not want to know that there is a Creator, you simply ignore any proof of that. Anyway, they will soon have a particularly miserable eternity at their disposal where they will be allowed to think about their stubbornness forever.
Duration of this video clip: 2 minutes and 43 seconds.
Building on my commentary on the previous video clip: here you can see and hear the story about one such sea monster that washed up and that was subsequently cut to pieces by a mass of people. You would almost think that you were in a hurry to erase any trace that might lead to the conclusion that there is indeed a Creator. Because the inevitability of that conclusion also began to penetrate various evolutionists as a result of another washed-up sea monster, and their theories based on lies and deception thereby collapsed, they came up with a number of strikingly stupid explanations.
Duration of this video clip: 2 minutes and 58 seconds.
More stories about some creatures, somewhere in a gigantic swamp area that is largely unknown to the outside world. It is very important that the members of the evolution guild want to keep it that way. Because if they were to listen to the eyewitness stories of the local population, the manufacturers of tranquilizers would experience golden times. I suspect the reader must now have such a gray suspicion what these eyewitness accounts are about.
Duration of this video clip: 3 minutes and 26 seconds.
Petrified tree trunks and many other petrified objects have been found. Those upright petrified tree trunks seem to have the nasty habit of, completely contrary to the rules of “evolution science”, piercing all kinds of layers of coal (sometimes even upside down ). These are layers that should have been created layer by layer in millions of years. But those layers were clearly not going, as witnessed by the upright and petrified tree trunks who were only too happy to confirm this. In the meantime, the evolution guild has licked its wounds and has counterattacked. That counterattack sounded something like this: “I was there when these tree trunks landed in that soil so don't tell me how this happened”.
Duration of this video clip: 4 minutes and 17 seconds.
In our cells there are strands of DNA molecules. These DNA molecules are the most complex molecules in the universe and therefore contain the most complex code that exists. If the code stored in all our DNA were to be typed out, so many books would be filled with it that the Grand Canyon could be filled 40 times with it. Who knows how big the Grand Canyon is can imagine the appalling amount of books that we are talking about.
The chance that one such DNA molecule can arise by pure chance is calculated as 1 in 10 to the power of 119,000. In other words: that is a 1 with 119001 zeros. For comparison: the diameter of the part of the universe known to us is 10 to the power of 28 inches (1 inch = 2.54 centimeters). Is it still not completely clear what this means? It means this: a chance of 1 in 10 to 119000 power. That comes down to a chance of 1 to impossible .
Duration of this video clip: 2 minutes and 23 seconds.
If you have some time left: even in this 1-hour video the ridiculousness of evolutionary theory is made painfully visible, at least: painful for those who still do not want to know that they have been misled by this so-called “science.“ And that he cannot escape to make things right with his Creator.
Duration of this video: 1 hour and 1 minute.
In addition to the foregoing, you will find here some statements from evolutionists, biologists and scientists who finally just dared to be honest. Hopefully it has already become clear to you in the meantime that the cheaters who let the theory of evolution pass for science are not only ridiculing themselves but are also working dangerously.
The best evangelists for the wicked are the wicked themselves. Their conscience has already told them who their Creator and Savior is.