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Evolution? They don't believe it themselves!

Some facts to think about first:

To begin with: I don't actually have to tell you about what people are selling as the evolution “theory” and its complete nonsense. Your conscience has already told you that. Because we all believe! The problem, however, is that multitudes of people nevertheless take those theories for sweet cake because their Creator has been thrown overboard. Anyway, we are making an effort. The evolution myth assumes that successive generations receive more intelligence and therefore more information in their genes, so that the claimed development from single-cell to Homo sapiens (the thinking person) could have taken place. If we assume that the acclaimed “natural selection” (as is claimed) indeed captures the “failed specimens”, then any specimen that has not been destroyed by this “natural selection” should prove that the intelligent behavior (through which it survived) ) is passed on through the genes. Error!! The surviving specimen was able to survive, among other things, thanks to properties that were already stored in its genes.
The correct direction of the information flow is therefore: genes survival behavior, and not the other way around. Proven survival behavior therefore never passes on information to the genes, as a result of which future generations would inherit this survival behavior. This also does not apply to all other information. According to evolutionary theory, however, the relevant information is added to the genes to be passed on to subsequent generations. Like a battery that is being loaded. Or something like that. In other words: survival behavior creates nothing. Every “scientist” who firmly “believes” this imbecile evolution myth nevertheless has an obligation to remain silent about this fact. Those who do not want to submit to this will certainly lose their job!! The latter is also the fate of those who have digged up evidence against the theory of evolution. The infamous Smithsonian Institute in America (being a stronghold and instrument of the Satanists) has made masses of these evidences disappear without a trace and subsequently fired the finders! This corrupt behavior therefore has absolutely nothing to do with science. It is a worldwide deception in which the mass media play a very bad role. And everywhere this stupid evolution theory is defended by “scientists” and the evidence against it is either ignored or even destroyed. South African professor Walter Veith witnessed a striking example of the demonic ferocity with which evolutionary theory is defended when he had to give a lecture on evolutionary theory at the university where he taught at the time. After years of teaching it himself, he had come to repentance and had therefore taken the effort to critically test this theory according to the rules of real science. He inevitably came to the conclusion that this theory is only vain. Which primarily wants to claim: there is no God. He also communicated that to the room full of colleague professors and (graduate) students. In the video clip on the right/left/above or where ever (according to your sreensize) he tells about the hell that broke loose after this unmasking of the evolutionary tale. The hellish reactions of his colleagues only confirm who is behind these lies: the father of lies (= Satan!). And that the defenders of it were standing stiff because of the evil spirits.

We are therefore dealing with a ruthless (and therefore wicked) view of what a human life is worth. That value is shockingly low, if we have to believe the full title of Charles Darwin's notorious book. The full title is: “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life.” If you do not yet know what this means: people nowadays call this (rightly) racism. So reader, if you are stupidly unlucky to belong to a race that, according to this racist view of life, belongs to the inferior races, according to the followers of evolutionary theory, you will have to make way (as quickly as possible) for the “favored races”. In the name of this philosophy, the aforementioned “natural selection” is given a big hand with all available means. Adolf Hitler, Jozef Stalin and Pol Pot (and many others like them) have once put this into practice on a large scale!! Well, in the meantime, if you are back on your feet again and soberly realize what the real consequences are of this inhuman theory, you are probably a little more receptive to what you can read on this page.

It is a fact that those who claim to “believe” in this racist theory believe in it solely because they do not want to know that the Creator of life exists. They nevertheless know that He exists, as every person on earth naturally knows, because we all believe! However, they have silenced their conscience. For those who (against their better judgment) cling to the evolution myth, the apostle Paul had the following message in Romans 1:17-21: “For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith, as it is written, The righteous shall live by faith. For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all the wickedness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because that which can be known of God is revealed in them, for God has revealed it to them. For that which cannot be seen of him, his eternal power and divinity, has been understood with understanding from the works of the world since the creation of the world, so that they have no excuse. After all, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him or thanked Him, but their ideas did not come to anything, and it became dark in their foolish heart.”

So that they have no apology at all.... And yet these lost souls still recognize that there is such a thing as good and evil. Even though the awareness of this, so they claim, will only come from the chemical reactions and electrical impulses that occur in our brains, caused by dumb coincidence. Or the like. The line between what we experience as good and as evil is, thus argued, created solely by total arbitrariness and stupid coincidence and is therefore not an absolute standard.
If one person smashes the other into the brain and kills him as a result, that is judged by every thinking person as a form of evil. However, according to evolutionary theory, we could have thought about it very differently, depending on the chemical reactions in our brains caused by total randomness. Extending this reasoning, our assessment of good and evil is therefore only determined by these processes, which are not bound by any norm. What is hypocritical about this is that every fan of this stupidity suddenly turns out to think completely differently about it as soon as he or she is the person of whom those brains are likely to be smashed. Strangely enough, the difference between right and wrong then suddenly no longer needs to be discussed. Because that limit is absolutely certain for the victim in question and is now suddenly no longer determined by an elusive coincidence. Or is merely the result of a chemical reaction in the brain caused by unpredictable randomness. There is a statement about this writhing in the Bible and it reads: the heart is above all suspicious, yes, it is pernicious; who can know it? This indicates exactly where that evil can be found: in the heart of man. This truth is confirmed by the behavior of the before-mentioned hypocrites, who regard good and evil as something coincidental and have no trouble with it as long as it remains a “far away” story but suddenly think completely differently about it as soon as the violence turns against them themselves. How did that expression go again? Oh yes.... you will not find atheists in foxholes....

Whoever has let himself be convinced that he, supported by modern knowledge, can sweep the floor with those stubborn Christians and that he can dismiss the story of creation as a myth, must definitely read on. There are evolutionists who dare to let their conscience speak. According to all propaganda, “science” would have digged up the truth about the origin of the universe years ago. You will find some of their statements below. All this deception is deeply and firmly anchored in the hypocritical heart of most people. And why? For the answer to this question, first listen to what Paul Washer has to say about this in the video clip on the right/left/above or where ever (according to your screen size) following the words of the apostel Paul in Romans 1. Facts are that people know very well that God exists and that they also know who He is, but they prefer to play for God themselves. With all the miserable consequences that entails. I have just taken this excerpt from this video: “The Bible says this: every person on this earth not only knows that there is a God, but they also know who He is. And they not only know who He is, they even know something about His law, because He wrote it in their hearts.” So.... if you nevertheless continue to tell yourself that there is no God, then you are a hypocrite because you have silenced your conscience. Many have already preceded you in this, so that handfuls of “scientists” have been busy looking for a replacement for the created vacuum (which was always there but you never wanted to admit it). In order to be able to force the myth of “creation without Creator” on as many people as possible, “science” has gone wildly. In which quite often the found “evidence” were used creatively. Because after this material was promoted by the zealous paleontologists to one of the long-awaited missing links and subsequently provided with an appropriate life history, including date of birth, death date, the Citizen Service Number, the hobbies, the assets left, the number of heirs etc. etc. and several museums were crammed with this mess. Including the aforementioned “scientific” background information, in order to be able to convince the common people of all this ingenuity of these detective noses. Although.... that ingenuity turned out to be disappointing several times after it became clear once again how remarkably careless they had gone by even tinkering with skeletons, consisting of bones that had been dug up many miles apart.

In the meantime, time has taught us that multitudes of people, looking for a substitute for the Creator that they had kicked out of their lives, have admired the products of these creatives. As a result, they ran the almost inevitable danger of cycling home afterwards with a worldview in which the Creator of heaven and earth is not tolerated. The world view of evolution theory has, after all, dealt with every thought of a God to whom man is accountable. The replacement for the supreme God that people took home from school, museum or university is, by the way, no one but man himself. And that is noticeable when we look around us in this world that is being destroyed by lawlessness, greed and self-interest.

Here are the promised statements from evolutionists, paleontologists, biologists, and scientists who finally just dared to be honest. And that honesty has resulted in the following confessions. They are provided with my comments.

Evolution is a fairy tale for grown ups.
My comment: If every self-respecting scientist dared to be just as honest as this professor.....
Evolution is not proven and cannot be proven.
My comment: Because this gentleman still twists the hot primordial soup like a cat, I just give what he really meant to say and that is simply said: “I hate the supreme God and do not want to know anything about Him”.
Scientists who learn that evolution is a fact are fat scammers.
My comment: Sometimes it really pays off to take science seriously. At least.... in case science just dares to say the simple truth.
Biogenetic law has been shown to be nonsense.
My comment: Yes... so even though there are people who know what they are talking about and who let the facts speak for themselves, then there are still no masses of paleontologists to care about that. To speak with the words of the apostle Paul: “Who has bewitched you?
Evolution has not been proven in the laboratory.
My comment: Look at this! This gentleman gives in a few words what the whole evolution theory is really about: a Creator is not desired. In order to drag the masses into this apostasy and hatred towards the supreme God, fake scientists present themselves as the gods of science.
Charles Darwin, too, knew he was a liar.
My comment: Paul rightly wrote in Romans 1:20: “For that which cannot be seen of Him, His eternal power and divinity, has been seen with understanding from His works since the creation of the world, so that they have no apology.” Mr. Darwin, too, will therefore not be able to produce any credible excuse to properly talk about the nonsense he has sent into the world, as soon as he appears before the heavenly Judge. In fact, despite this honest confession, he did it to make us believe that we should nevertheless believe his deceit about our origins.
Hundreds of the best researchers and biologists are liars.
My comment: In case you still think you are dealing with a club of conscientious biologists/paleontologists, I hope this confession can help you get rid of this misunderstanding. However, if the message has still not come across: this mushroom nose actually says here: “We have no problem cheating the whole club with fakes that only serve to prove that we are right”.
Evolution theory is a religion.
My comment: Here is an ex-Christian speaking who admits to believe in a religion. A religion that is proclaimed by its publishers as an alternative to faith in the Creator. So.... that complete pseudo-science that should make evolution credible is only conceived to destroy faith in a Creator.
The origin of life cannot be explained by evolution.
My comment: A person cannot escape these conclusions if he is too proud to take the Bible seriously. A professor with whom I was once involved in a discussion frankly admitted that the Bible was only a myth to him. The real myth, however, is that unproven “science” to which he was forced to resort.
The theory of evolution is certainly not a testable science.
My comment: The message is clear. For those who still have the guts to poison a still young generation with the anti-creator religion called evolution: “it would be better for him that a millstone was hung around his neck and he was swallowed up in the depth of the sea”, according to Jesus in Matthew 18:6.
Charles Darwin and his chills.
My comment: Whether old Mr. Darwin ever came to terms with these cold shivers and still acknowledged on his deathbed that he indeed deceived the world with a ridiculous fantasy, it is not known. Rumor has it that he has repented on his deathbed and has accepted His Creator. It is hoped for him that this actually happened because otherwise his eternal destiny will certainly look very miserable.
To believe in something that you know is scientifically impossible.
My comment: Where should such a hateful man go if he keeps the Creator out? To say to believe in the unscientific theory of evolution is therefore like hanging over an abyss, ignoring the thrown rope and wanting to hold onto a stalk of grass that you definitely know will break. How incredibly foolish can a person be?
Luther Sunderland's question regarding the absent fossils.
My comment: This is not a crackling statement here, as is the case in the previous quotes. The answer to the question asked can be found below.
Fossil evidence for the theory of evolution does not exist.
My comment: The answer to the question asked is clear. This fanatic evolutionist must simply admit that none of the fossils found can serve as evidence for the theory of evolution. Please note: this is a confession of someone sitting in the midst of it. The complete fossil myth is therefore a hoax!!

All things exist due to Him.

I can imagine that the above statements have made you think. If you have been firmly convinced to date that paleontologists were conscientiously engaged and that the worldview they “created (!)” was based on long-established facts, then I hope that from now on you will consult your own common sense and let your conscience speak. And I hope you will not continue to slavishly mimic what others have chewed you. In this world, where independence hypocritically is touted as the ultimate freedom, the reality is that crowds of people are already chained to the desks by henchmen of a fake science by telling multitudes about the origin of this life, the meaning of this life and the continuation of this life. To start with the latter: according to these criminals, there is no such thing as continuation. And with that they have made countless slaves. Slaves, to be specific, “who were doomed to slavery through fear of death” (Hebrews 2:15). That has little to do with real freedom. It has been suggested that this life is only the result of a coincidence of circumstances and that everything that man performs in this life is therefore only the result of some random chemical reactions and of a bundle of electrical pulses that are dragging through the nervous system. However, this brainwashing conflicts with the created realization that there is a supreme God and that there must therefore be more than just those few years on this globe. The uncertainty about a possible life after this life, combined with the idea that when he dies, man will be reduced to absolutely nothing, makes man a slave!
Speaking of the consequences of the theory of evolution, a well-known Dutch biologist once sighed that it is indeed “a grumpy story” but nevertheless he wished to continue to believe in it with heart and soul, even though his conscience told a very different story (by the way: he remained silent about that). What he could not conceal in the same argument, however, was his hatred towards our Creator. And so for some time he sat grumbling wholeheartedly against the idea that there is a God who created us. Because he does not want to know anything about it, in his view the theory of evolution is above all standards and therefore the only substitute for the God of whom he really knows that He exists. The latter has been told him by his conscience. He probably would not have realized it in his stupidity, but he unintentionally lowered his mask. For what he actually and unequivocally admitted was this: “The theory of evolution is not a proven science, but we nevertheless use it as a substitute for the God whom we so heartily hate.”

Furthermore, this idiotic theory not only denies the origin of life and the Creator of life, but at the same time every awareness of a life after this life is wiped out of the minds of billions of people. If one no longer believes in it and, as a result, only thinks to head for a black hole (i.e. death), the only incentive left is: “Grab all you can grab in this life, because tomorrow it may not be possible anymore”. The consequences of this selfishness leave their bad marks everywhere. And all as a result of a religion whose core comes down to what is, for example, both briefly and forcefully stated in Psalms 14:1: “The fool says in his heart: There is no God. They commit horrific and horrible crimes, there is no one doing good.
Conclusion: all “scientists” who, through a lot of crooked reasoning, actually claim that stupid coincidence is their creator, say in their hearts: “There is no God” and are therefore, according to Psalms 14:1, just fools!!

The universe, whose laws of nature time and again demonstrate the absolute impossibility of evolution, has (you already feel it coming) come into being by Someone who has devised and made these laws of nature. All existing material obeys these natural laws. Concerning the origin of matter, the unbelievers believe(!) they have found an explanation. However, concerning the origin of all those mysterious laws of nature: that's for their pseudoscience just a black hole. Because.... these natural laws are not natural laws at all but laws from a supernatural realm, to which the natural world is subjected. Thanks to the fact that these supernatural laws maintain matter, natural life is possible. In Hebrews 11:3, for example, it is referred to: “By faith we understand that the world is created by the word of God, so that the visible does not arise from the perceptible.” This means that the visible world did not arise from material that already existed, as the ridiculous big bang story wants us to believe, but that it was the will and the creative word of the Creator that brought about creation. The evidence for this is so evident in creation that the apostle Paul correctly wrote in Romans 1:20: “For that which cannot be seen of Him, His eternal power and divinity, has been understood with understanding from the works of the world, so that they have no excuse.”


If there is anything that is made clear by real science, then it is that the awesome intelligence of our Creator is far beyond our understanding. And we read about this Creator in Hebrews 1:1-2: “After God had spoken to the fathers many times and in many ways in the prophets, in the last days He spoke to us in the Son, whom He made heir to all things, through whom He also created the world.” So it is the Son, Jesus Christ, who has been actively involved in the creation of the universe.
This fact we can find in Colossians 1:15-17: “He (= Jesus Christ) is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation, because through Him all things were created that are in the heavens and those on the earth, the visible and the invisible, or thrones, or dominions, or governments, or powers; all things were created by Him and for Him; and He is for everything and all things have their existence in Him”.

Finally, this Creator says in Revelation 3:20: “Behold, I stand at the door and I knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and have a meal with him and he with me”. Ultimately it is up to you what you do with this information. It is and remains your own choice, a choice that you can no longer escape from if you have read the above. That choice will only be determined by your willingness to respond to that knock on the door of your heart. Also remember that the theory of evolution was not devised because there is no Creator to be found, but because people do not want that Creator to be found. Our Creator, on the other hand, allows Himself to be found, yet many people do not want to know about it. Their end will, after all, be after their (godless) works.

Summarized: “It's the fool who says in his heart: There is no God.”

The best evangelists for the wicked are the wicked themselves. Their conscience has already told them who their Creator and Savior is.